Joining E123

E123 Mission House welcomes applicants of different ages and backgrounds.

Here are a couple of examples of how it might work depending on your life situation:

Regular volunteer
Are you aged 21+ and want to experience urban life in all it's diversity and contribute, alongside the local church, to the transformation of a neighbourhood?

We are able to provide you with a unique two year opportunity to live and serve in one of the UK's most cosmopolitan, challenging and vibrant areas.

We are looking for committed, team orienated volunteers willing to serve with the local church in youth work, social justice projects, and evangelism whilst living intentionally in a self financing household.


Have you got the vision and desire to live more intentionally in a urban community household and contribute to the transformation of a neighbourhood alongside the local church?

We are looking for people whose employment can contribute to the establishment and sustaining of a mission-focused household of volunteers who live, learn and serve together.

No matter what your particular circumstances, training and pastoral support will be available for all 'mission housers'.